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Meet Our Creative Team

Things are things, but people are people, and it's really people working together who get things done.

We would like to work with you, so let's help you figure out if you'd like to work with us.


Christopher J. Bowen, Creative Director

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Our chief creator, team leader and all-around swell guy. If he could only be rewarded for wearing glasses and growing facial hair. He shoots, he edits, he writes, he designs, he grills a mean garlic chicken. And no matter what everyone says, you can trust him.


Fellsway West, Founder and Director/DP

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Since founding Fellsway Creatives in 1968, Fellsway has handed the reigns of "business" over to Bowen and now acts as our primary director and DP of studio production. A former stand-up comic, he loves playing his banjo and traveling the world by skiff.


Ajax Dwyer, Lead Illustrator/Animator

AjaxDwyer Photo

Ajax creates the majority of our motion graphics, animated titles and the occasional 3D element. He also lends his unique artistic stylings to our illustration team. Ajax likes to talk about working out at the gym but we mostly see him eating bags of cheese puffs.


Chauncy "Boots" Martingale, Photographer

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Boots shoots all of our still photographs and some of our film and video. He's never been known to wear a collared shirt and may be wanted in some states for vagrancy.


Montgomery E. Jones, Utility Editor and Voice Talent

Me Haunted House

Yeah, well, let's just say he gets the job done.

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